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Westcoast Baby Bamboo Infant Kimono Wrap in Vanilla Bean in 8-12LBS

Product Details

Functional and hip baby clothes!  Unique, Organic, and Canadian-made layettes that are the perfect take-me-home outfits.

Westcoast Baby presents an essential collection for newborns that are not only practical, but also adorable!  Bound to make people talk and rave. 


  • Open bottom for easy changes
  • Two front ties for no over-the-head changes
  • Built-in scratch mitts
  • Made specially to fit preemies and newborns
  • Wonderfully soft
  • Made in Canada

Make this baby's first outfit for the hospital!

The Bamboo

Throughout the Eastern cultures, bamboo has been a symbol of inspiration, as Buddha himself preferred it in his home. The many uses of bamboo are varied and numerous, almost anything can be made from it, with imagination as its only limit.

There are some 1,500 species of bamboo grown throughout the world today, basically prevalent in every continent except Antarctica. Although categorized into the grass family, it can reach 150 feet in height and 1 foot in width.

Why Use Bamboo for Baby's Clothes?

  1. It is Naturally "Green"
  2. Ecologically friendly
  3. Breathable and Cool
  4. Naturally Anti-bacterial
  5. Odor resistant
  6. Non-toxic and non-irritating
  7. Has natural wicking properties

Westcoast Baby in the Press

Designed and made by two Vancouver moms, Westcoast Baby has been noticed by various press, both local and international, appearing in print and weblog publications, and receiving positive reviews for their use of organic materials and creating designs that caters to the taste of North American moms and parents.

Online articles and weblog features by household name publications have mentioned and reviewed Westcoast Baby products.

The New York Sun  Canadian Living, Canadian Living magazine, recipe, food, health, family, parenting, craft, fitness, nutrition, beauty, realtionship, cooking, canada, canadian, contest  as seen on cool mom picks

Westcoast Baby had also been featured in print, getting local and national coverage.


Discover and enjoy the function that moms have been using, while contributing to the environment!  Westcoast Baby will continue to captivate you with their adorable and functional Asian-inspired designs and funky colors... just like how they are amazing the country!

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