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Vulli Toys Teething Toy Pie in Pink

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Baby grows up with Vulli!  Baby's first months are a time of mutual discovery and happiness shared with parents.  With toys suited for each age, Vulli can truly make those moments special and unique!

Ease the process of teething by the use of Vulli Toys Chan Pie Gnon in Blue . It is designed to stimulate the senses and soothe the teething gums. Help your child have a smooth transition to the world of solid foods.


  • Handmade in the French Alps
  • 100% Natural Rubber is soft
  • Safe, non-toxic
  • Produced from natural Rubber and food quality paints
  • Makes a soft squeak when squeezed
  • Nubs on the head help soothe sore, teething gums
  • Lightweight
  • Mushroom shape design for easy grip
  • Designed to stimulate the senses and soothe the teething gums
  • Suitable from newborn to 2 years
  • Measures 5" H

Vulli's Tips and Advice on How To choose A Toy For Baby

Play allows a baby to familiarise himself with the surrounding world and to develop. As they pass through the different phases of growth, each baby develops their own pace and develop personality.

Information acquired as the months go by varies with each individual infant. Here are a few reference-points to help you choose the most appropriate toy for your baby’s development.

0-3 months - A baby perceives movement and colour, and listens to sounds. Fascinated by abacuses and mobiles, they usually suck anything he can put into their mouth. They try to grasp objects around them; at 2 months, they love rattles and teething-rings.

3-6 months - as soon as they can sit upright, they are particularly fond of playmats and soft fabric toys, loving toys which make a noise.  They can laugh and make vocal noises at this stage.

6-9 months -  baby  begins to crawl, tries to keep their balance, and manages to grab toys. They can sit up easily and appreciates teething-rings to give them gum some relief when their first teeth start to come through. They like activity gyms, bath toys, and soft toys, one of which will certainly become the ‘comfort’ toy.

9-12 months - baby crawls or goes about on all fours. They try to get the hang of toys such as fabric books or stacking/building toys by exploring them or comparing them. Once they can stand upright, they may like to play with vehicles in order to increase mobility.

12-24 months - baby is mad about ‘pulling/pushing’ toys. Now more precise in their movements, they may love activity toys. As soon as they can walk, ride-on toys may be used all the time. “Special effects” bath toys which can be filled, squirted, emptied, etc. can also become a favorite at this age.

24-36 months - baby gets about rapidly and easily, wanting to do everything on their own. Everything around them allows for instinctively recreating their "cocoon" within the family, identifing with people. Baby is growing and doesn’t like you to go away: all their tricks are worth trying to postpone bed-time, hence, a night-light or musical box can reassure him and help him go to sleep.    

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