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Leander Linea Changer (w/mattress)

Product Details

Linea by Leander is a childrens furniture line that embraces the beauty of solid craftsmanship while empathising with our customers wish for unique features that make parenting a little easier.

Linea by Leander is simple, light and sophisticated. It is a furniture line nurtured in every little detail. The wood. The upholstery. The composition. Making sure that the aesthetic and the quality is perfected all the way through.

Being true to our design ethos and aim to create furniture that challenges materials and makes a difference to children and their parents, we need to explore new paths and new expressions.

Linea has a modern, edgy look that is tailored to fit an urbane lifestyle. In Latin, the word Linea means line. The name is thus a strong reflection of the angles and lines that are distinctive of the collection. But it is also feminine. Sophisticated. And soft.

The innovative design of Linea by Leander is not an attempt to keep the classic and organic Leander shapes at distance. Its a sophistication of what we love. Making design that matters.

The changing table that fits both mum and dad
When buying baby equipment, you have many choices to make ‰ÛÒ and you have many alternatives to choose from. The same goes when youre about to choose your changing table. Keeping your baby safe is crucial. The Linea by Leanderchanging table therefore has raised sides to prevent your baby from rolling off the edges.
A changing table should be a pleasant space for both mum and dad ‰ÛÒ and you should be able to stand by the table for many times during a day (and night) for several years - without having back trouble. Thats why weve made the Linea changing table height adjustable ‰ÛÒ to ensure both mum and dad the optimal work height and contact with your baby.

Everything within reach
Your child should never be left unattended on the changing table. So make sure that everything is within reach when you arrange your changing table. The Linea changing table has two shelves that give you storage space for everything you need ‰ÛÒ from nappies and clothes to baby oil and washcloths.
A matching drawer can be purchased. The drawer can be pulled from both sides to easy access the things that you need - and at the same time, it hides away the items that are not being used.


  • H: 87 and 92 cm, W: 60 cm, D: 70 cm
  • Cover in more colours
  • Solid oak
  • Surface-treated with a strong lacquer
  • Height adjustable
  • Shelf for storage
  • Drawer can be purchased

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