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Stokke Table Top

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Stokke® Table Top is a unique product that is designed to stimulate your child’s eating habits, playfulness and learning development.


Stokke Table Top has six different interchangeable templates that can be placed beneath the transparent tray. The designs are bright and fun, and great tools for interaction and bonding between you and your child. Use them as backdrops for storytelling, challenge the imagination with the alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes, sizes and animals.



  • Made of high quality PETG plastic material
  • Designed to be attached to a table for protecting a mess during meal time
  • Hand wash only
  • Table top has a spilling rail to prevent liquid from leaking and suction cups to keep in place
  • Stokke Table Top includes 6 different templates that can be inserted into the transparent tray.
  • For 6 months - 1 year
  • Includes Inspirational book, which will guide you through the interchangeable templates for your Stokke Table Top and give you more ideas and advice to incorporate as your child develops. 

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