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Stokke Sleepi Fitted Sheet Crib by Natural Mat

by Stokke
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Beds aren‰۪t just for sleeping. Duvets aren‰۪t just for keeping warm. Pillows aren‰۪t just somewhere to lay our heads. They‰۪re also for thinking, dreaming and learning. That‰۪s why Stokkeå¨ Textiles are designed not just to keep your baby comfortable and secure, but also to stimulate imaginations, spark new thoughts, and entertain tiny minds. Even just a few months old babies are aware of simple forms. The baby-friendly textiles play with colours, shapes and patterns to entertain and educate your baby, as well as keeping her or him warm, comfortable and cosy.


  • Made by Natural Mat in England
  • Certified by the Soil Association and is manufactured according to the General Organic Textile Standard
  • 100% Organic Cotton material
  • Machine washable at 60å¼C (Dust mites are killed at 57å¼C)
  • Unbleached, un-dyed and chemical free