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Stokke Sleepi Baby Crib Mini Bedding Set in Pink Dots

by Stokke
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The Stokke textile collection miniåÊbaby crib bedding set is designed to fitåÊthe Stokke Sleepi cribs.åÊ Any textile that come in contact with your baby are 100% Egyptian cotton or terry cloth and guaranteed to have no chemicals or dangerous printing liquids, providing theåÊsoftest and most comfortable touch on your baby's delicate skin.

TheåÊbaby crib mini bedding set includes a Mini Fitted Sheet,åÊa Mini Bumper Set, a Mini Waterproof Sheet, and a baby crib Canopy.

Mini Fitted Sheet

  • Designed to fit Stokke Sleepi Mini bassinet mattresses
  • Made of 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Provides the softest and most comfortable touch on your baby's skin
  • Chemical free and has no dangerous printing liquid
  • Meets the Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Waterproof Sheet

  • Designed to fit a Stokke Sleepi Crib mattress
  • Protects the crib and mattress from moisture
  • No chemicals or dangerous printing materials used
  • Made of 43% cotton, 7% polyester, and 50% PVC
  • Machine washable

Baby Crib Canopy

  • Designed to fit the Stokke Sleepi Canopy Rod
  • Creates a warm environment for the nursery
  • Blocks and diffuses light to help baby sleep comfortably
  • Provides the softest and most comfortable feel
  • Made of 100% Polyester
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Measures 94.5" x 59"

Mini Bumper

  • Designed for Stokke Sleepi cribs
  • Provides safety all around the crib
  • Easy to install

Baby's Bedding and You

Choosing the right baby crib bedding can be a lot of fun with the various choices available that will truly challenge your decision on what look you will be going for your little one.

Popular themes such as patchworks, characters, sports, or florals have taken the lead throughout the times starting off with sheets, pillowcases, and blanket sets, however, nowadays, sets does not limit itself to the crib but rather extends throughout the entire room giving baby's environment a distinctive look while making it fun for baby and parents alike.

The leading choice for baby fabrics is the all-time favorite cotton.åÊ Softer than synthetic fabrics, it gives comfort for baby due to its "breath" characteristic and, when dried, rarely produces static shocks.åÊ Cotton flannel follows the lead as it is softer and warmer - very ideal for the colder months but useable all year round!

Don't Forget!

  • Lay mattress pads underneath crib bedding sheets for mattresses' protection on inevitable diaper leaks!
  • The best sleeping position for baby will be on their backs
  • A sleeper instead of blankets on top of a fitted sheet is highly recommended to prevent suffocating accidents from happening
  • Avoid placing pillows, comforters, or toys into the crib during baby's sleep time

Consumer Alert!

To prevent infant deaths due to soft bedding, the U.S. Consumer ProductåÊSafety Commission, the American Academy of Pediatrics, andåÊthe National Institute of Child Health and Human Development are revising their recommendations of safe beddingåÊ practices whenåÊputting infants to sleep.

Click here to download the CPSC‰۪s revised safety guideline for baby bedding.åÊåÊåÊ