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Shenasi Concept Sheep with Blue Car

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One of a kind, hand-made accessories and furniture to liven up any space!

Original acrylic painting, hand-painted on stretched canvas. Unique artwork, ideal for a little girl's room, nursery, baby shower, birthday gift, etc. .

Please note that the frames and accessories are NOT included and are for visual purposes only.


  • Overall product dimensions: 8" H x 10" W x 0.75" D

Canvases can be hung as is. They are very light weight and any 2 nails can easily hold them. (the wooden frame at the back will just sit on the nails). There is no need for a wire or hook. Adding a wire for such light weight pieces actually makes them lean forward sometimes, whereas letting them sit on 2 nails makes them flush with the wall.

The paintings are done on a stretched canvas. (typ. 3/4" thick). Framing is only optional and not a must as the canvas is wrapped around the wooden frame.


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