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Puj Tub Baby Bath Tub in Kiwi

by Puj
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Baby is Safe and Happy

Finally! A soft tub you can use in a standard bathroom sink. Stores flat, cradles baby, dries fast. Bath time in no time! .
Your baby is never happier than when cradled safely in your arms. That's why the Puj Tub was designed to hold your baby in the same position. Being cradled helps them relax and enjoy the bath. That can too!


  • Hangs and stores flatåÊåÊåÊåÊ
  • Safe & easy to use for infants 0-6 monthsåÊåÊåÊåÊ
  • Anti-fungal, anti-bacterialåÊåÊåÊåÊ
  • Supports & cradles baby at comfortable height for momåÊåÊåÊåÊ
  • Revolutionary patent pending designåÊåÊåÊåÊ
  • Warm soft foam comforts babyåÊåÊåÊåÊ
  • HypoallergenicåÊåÊåÊåÊ
  • Fits both pedestal and countertop sinksåÊåÊåÊåÊ
  • Works great even in very small bathrooms


  • Material: Soft, non-toxic, medical grade, EVA foam. It is non-slip and warm to the touch.
Cradles and Protects
Bathing a slippery baby in a traditional baby bath tub can be extremely challenging. You're force to hold the baby with just one arm and use the other arm to bathe. Using the Puj Tub, your baby is supported in an upright position, allowing you to bathe using both hands -- with no help from your spouse!
Comforts and Calms
The super soft flexible material wraps around their delicate body, protecting their skin from any cold surface.
Not only does the Puj Tub protect your baby, but it also keeps them insulated and warm. It is even approved by the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses.
No More Leaning Over!
If you have ever bathed a baby in any other tub you will instantly realize how amazing this new way to bathe baby is. If this is your first baby, consider your life especially blessed because you will now be able to bathe your baby just like you would want to. You will never know the pain of the old way of doing things.
In the Press
Puj Tub was recently featured on the Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, ranking #1 baby product for 2010!