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Phil & Teds Travel System for Classic Dash Graco in Black

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No need for the little one to lose any sleep!

Just click, cruise & snooze: car to buggy & home again!
What makes the travel system so hot
  • Move car seat and capsule from the car to the buggy without waking baby
  • Simple click car seat and capsule loading on buggy: be ready to roll in a jiffy!
  • Compatible with Graco Snugride

Nothing can beat a parent‰۪s bonding time with their child and the stroller has become a staple accessory in any bonding activity as it gives both a chance to enjoy the outdoors or do daily chores with each other.åÊ

Like with a car, one must look into safety precautions when using strollers.åÊ You spend your time securing your baby in your car to eliminate risks, why stop there?åÊ

Your quality time with your child should be experienced with full enjoyment, and any accidents whether minor or major, can be avoided just by keeping in mind the following tips, as gathered from various sources who are experts in the field of child safety‰Û? the parents!

Buckle Up!

It is very important that baby or child be strapped and buckled up whenever they are in the stroller, even if you are only going a few steps.åÊ All it takes is an unexpected bump to make a spill, irregardless of your walking speed.

It may seem tedious to keep doing this repeatedly, however, the time you spend taking this precautionary measure pays back a million times as you basically eliminate the risks involved with you child riding an unsecured mobile device.

A Tip‰Û? Don‰۪t Let It Tip

Strollers are generally lightweight, and so is your child.åÊ Avoid using your stroller‰۪s handle to hang extra items like purses, shopping bags, or similar items as it may cause your stroller to become unbalanced, tipping it backwards or in any direction!

Since strollers have been designed to make sure weight is distributed evenly to avoid tipping, misuse of any elements that can potentially cause accidents should not be practiced!åÊåÊ Never improvise.åÊ Use spaces that are meant for the extra items ‰ÛÒ which is usually found where weight distribution can be done opposite your child, or underneath the seat.åÊ

Brake Time!

A very slight incline can trigger a potentially dangerous motion, rolling from a mere slow to a rapid speed in a matter of seconds.
Make sure brakes are checked regularly and used habitually, as necessary.åÊ It only takes seconds to push the brakes when you need to take your hands off the stroller, even for those ‰ÛÏjust a second‰۝ moments.åÊ

Speed It Up?åÊ

Strollers are designed for specific purposes nowadays.åÊ A regular stroller which is not designed for higher speed may potentially cause an accident when used for jogging.åÊ

A regular misconception about all-terrain strollers is that they are good for jogging.åÊ While the wheels may be durable enough to withstand rough or smooth surfaces, the mechanism may not hold true of the same.åÊ Before engaging in faster speed activities with your stroller, check your manual or call the manufacturer to make sure it is suitable.

If it is not indicated on the package, chances are, it is not designed for that purpose!

Unfolding It

Folding strollers are designed to have locks for when they are in an open position.åÊ Before letting your child ride the stroller, make sure that the lock is secured and everything is stabilized.åÊ

This is to prevent the stroller from unfolding and collapsing while the child is still riding in it.åÊ It may look funny in the movies‰Û? but you won‰۪t be laughing if it is your own!

Something Borrowed‰Û? Something Old‰Û?

Before using older, handed-down strollers, it is strongly recommended that due diligence is exercised as there may be recalls that the older stroller has gone through, or parts that may need replacing (ie: wheels, brakes), or any other reason that may pose a safety risk for your child.

Safety standards for strollers are reviewed and updated regularly, and may vary geographically.åÊ Check with the Consumer Product Safety Commission for any alerts to make you reconsider.åÊ Your best bet, of course, is to go for a newer model.


These days, consumers are very pro-active in giving reviews and alerts for other people's information.åÊ Parents are especially quick in letting other parents know what products are good for kids and what to avoid.

Mediums such as the internet are filled with information about specific products and brands, and there are dedicated websites that are created for this purpose.åÊ Retailers will now usually include information such as awards, testimonials, and press articles on products, as an additional åÊtestimony to its features and benefits.

Manufacturer-specific and the Consumer Product Safety Commission sites are good resources when doing research on products prior to use or purchase.

Always remember that your child's safety comes first.åÊ Exercising research and proper use of products will definitely be beneficial not only for the well being of your child but also for your peace of mind!