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Peg Perego Pliko Mini Twin Stroller in Mod Red

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Maxi freedom of movement, even for two.
Pliko Mini Twin is the stroller with side-by-side child seats for twins or siblings close in age and suitable from birth (0-36 months).Agile and manoeuvrable, the Pliko Mini Twin is the lightest of Peg Perego's twin strollers because its chassis is made of lacquered aluminium.

Compactness and agility, 100% shopping-proof!
Incredibly compact, Pliko Mini Twin will be your invaluable aid during errands, even if you have 2 children. Pliko Min Twin makes everything simpler for you - shopping, going for a walk or to the nursery are possible feats, loading the stroller in the car is easy and taking a bus is no longer a nightmare!

Thanks to the central handle with height-adjustable ergonomic handles, you can comfortably move the Pliko Mini Twin with one hand, with added freedom of movement. Its sprung wheels offer you maximum smoothness (even after years of use) and the ball bearings on the front swivel wheels allow you to steer with ease. Pliko Mini Twin does all the heavy work, while you enjoy the lightness of moving with ease.

This compact, light stroller (11 kg) can be folded with one hand (no need to bend!), which is an incredible advantage that only Peg Perego experience can offer.
Its umbrella-fold means it takes up very little room when folded. It fits anywhere, on the landing, the bus, at nursery, at the swimming pool. Pliko Mini Twin ensures perfect hygiene because the fabric never touches the ground.


  • Comfort is guaranteed with Pliko Mini Twin thanks to the large seat and the footrest adjustable in multiple positions. The adjustable ergonomic handles allow the ideal posture without getting tired.
  • Once folded, the Pliko Mini Twin can be carried like a trolley case thanks to its centralised handle.
  • Safety is guaranteed with the height-adjustable 5-point safety harness.
  • Agility is guaranteed thanks to the double wheels with springs and ball bearings; front wheels are swivelling or lockable, while rear wheels are locked. The brake is centralised.
  • The side handle makes it easy to carry the stroller when it is folded.
  • 2 hoods with peep-hole with net, toy hook, spacious basket, 2 independent reclining backrests in multiple positions up to 150°.
  • Height-adjustable ergonomic handles
  • Umbrella-fold, free standing, the fabric does not touch the ground so it stays clean.
  • Wide and comfortable seat with height-adjustable 5-point safety harness. Adjustable leg rest.
  • Independent backrests adjustable in multiple positions (all the way down).
  • Double wheels, the front ones with ball bearings are lockable swivelling wheels, the back ones have a brake bar.
  • Centralised rear brake
  • Lacquered aluminium - a solid structure to control movement stability but at the same time light enough to be very easily manoeuvred and carried. Suitable for children from 0 to 36 months.

  • Suitable from /to 0-36 months
  • Overall product dimensions: 30.24" W x 40.15" H X 33.66" D
  • Weight: 24.25 lbs.


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