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Nusnus Edison Harem Pants in 0-3 M

Product Details

These cozy pants will quickly become a wardrobe essential for your little one. The pants can be dressed up or dressed down with a variety of NUSNUS tops!

Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of bamboo grass. The Bamboo used to produce fabrics (not the same as Panda food) is easily replenished and requires no pesticides to grow. Bamboo is considered one of the most sustainable plants because it grows quickly and does not require chemicals or irrigation, and biodegrades more quickly than oil-based synthetics.

From the finest fabrics to the attention to detail, we’re dedicated to delivering the softest and most durable baby clothes for newborns that can be treasured forever.

  • Content: 95% Bamboo (Rayon) 5% Elastane
  • Fit: True to the size range
  • Care: Pre Washed fabric = No shrinkage after wash

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