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Kinderel Bamboo Long Sleeved Baby Onesie in White with Pink Trim

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Sleep in style!

Protect your baby's tender skin with this ultra-soft organic bodysuit!åÊ Free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals, these comfortable, earth-friendly onesies are an essential baby item!

Pair them up with a pair of booties and mitts for a perfect baby shower gift!


  • 40% bamboo and 60% organic cotton interlock construction
  • Rich fabric texture
  • Crew neckline
  • Shoulder lap design
  • Contrasting trims
  • Bottom button closure
  • Looks great on either boys or girls!

What Moms Say

"I like the onesie!åÊ It is super soft for baby!" -åÊJennifer, BC

"I love your products!åÊ The best, organic beauty products I have found yet!" - Hailee

Why Go Organic?

It looks like that organic fabrics are much more expensive that those traditionally grown. But, what is the real price that we pay for a regular fabric? Did you know that every T-shirt made of conventional cotton requires 1/4 pound of harmful chemicals. Many of these chemicals are known to cause cancer in humans!

Bamboo is the eco-wonder of the world thatåÊis the perfect choice for babies‰۪ delicate skin. They combine the softness of bamboo with the durability of cotton.
Bamboo grows rapidly and naturally with little water andåÊwithout pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, improving soil quality and helping rebuild eroded soil.åÊ

What Are the Benefits of the Bamboo Fabric?

  1. Extremely soft, feeling like pure cashmere!
  2. The round shape of the fiber makes it ideal for skin allergies, sensitivities or eczema
  3. Thermal regulator:åÊ newborns have a hard time regulating body temperature; bamboo fabrics keeps baby warmer than cotton in cool weather and two to three degrees cooler than cotton in hot weather
  4. Highly absorbent, "wicks‰۝ moisture away from the skin keeping the body naturally drier and more comfortable
  5. Antibacterial and anti-fungal, even through multiple washings due to a bacteriostatic agent called ‰ÛÏbamboo kun", prevents bacterial growth and odor

What Are the Benefits of theåÊOrganic CottonåÊFabric?

  1. Grown without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers
  2. Doesn‰۪t use genetically modified seeds

Bamboo plantations are usually large potosynthesis ‰ÛÏfactories‰۝åÊwhich reduce greenhouse gases,åÊemitting 35% moreåÊoxygen than the equivalent stand of trees, makingåÊbamboo clothingåÊ100% biodegradable.åÊ Further, the process of making bamboo fiber uses less chemicals that harm the environment

Kinderel and the Community

A portion of all Kinderel sales are donated to the Gaby Davis Foundation - in memory of Gabrielle Davis who lost her battle with childhood cancer in 2007.åÊ The foundation's goal is to offer support and assistance to children with cancer and their families in times of financial need.

Click here to learn more about the Gaby Davis Foundation - Helping Families Affected By Childhood Cancer