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KidCo Home Safety Outlet Plug Cover in White


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So, your baby is now mobile and wants to go places that you want 'off limits'.  Safety in your home has now become a primary concern. There are hazards that can occur with the insertion of objects into electrical outlets, unsupervised entry into cabinets and drawers, and certainly with access to unprotected stairways and other areas that could pose dangers to your child.  It's now time to baby-proof your home and to help you do that KidCo carries a variety of home safety products.  Below, select the room that you want to baby-proof and you will be provided with a number of unique products to fit your needs.

There are no federal or industry minimum standards established for products such as locking devices, latches or similar items. Because of this, KidCo is a founding member of the Global Safety Cooperation (G.S.C.); a voluntary collaboration between international child product manufacturers.  GSC membership requires manufacturers to comply with all relevant standards and demands of national and international authorities.  With combined decades of experience, the G.S.C. establishes additional and in most cases the only meaningful and measurable standards of performance for the products its members manufacture and market throughout the world. These standards include performance testing for push-pull exertion levels, material non-toxicity and durability, product functionality and ease of use, reliability and overall effectiveness.

The G.S.C. is leading the way to making the future safer for children.


  • Fits both Standard and Decora style outlets
  • Large cover helps hide and shorten cords
  • Ideal for home office use
  • Color: White

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