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KidCo BabySteps Healthy Snack Feeder Bag

Product Details

BabySteps Healthy Snack Feeder provides a safe snacking option that's perfect for introducing new, age appropriate foods to infants. The safe, polyester netted bag helps keep large pieces of food out of baby's mouth, preventing a choking hazard. To use, simply inser teh food into the netted bag and place the rubber ring in the hinged handle, securing it withthe two side locking tabs. This Set Comes with Extra 3 Snack Feeder Bags

  • Perfect for introducing new foods
  • Prevents choking hazard
  • Great for teething
  • Handle designed for little hands
  • This Set Includes: 1 Feeder with 3 Bags and Extra 3 Snack Feeder Bags

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