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Kid O Go Car Blue

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Grown out of a mother's dedication to creating a stimulating, aesthetic environment, and inspired my modern learning theories, Kid OåÊoffers you toys that encourage creativity, instill independence, and a desire to accomplish, fostering a child's sense of self!

A pushable, rollable, graspable vehicle gets young drivers excited.


  • Gracefully curved roofåÊcan be used as a handle
  • Rubber coated wheelsåÊ
  • Measures 6" x 3.5" x 3.5"

The Value of Imaginative Play for Children

One of the things to look for in choosing toys for your child is whether there is a sense of open-ended play possibilities.

Child development experts predominantly agree on some permutation of the idea that, for children, ''play is work.'' Through play they learn what they are good at and what is challenging; they begin to develop confidence and to learn how to problem solve. They also develop communication skills and social skills that will help them grow into healthy, well-adjusted adults.

If a toy has open-ended possibilities for imaginative play children can use their own minds and emotions to work through things they are learning or situations that they have trouble understanding. It is an asset to a developing child to be able to script the roles and the narrative of a game or story, build a structure, or populate a fantasy world with figures that act of the society they experience on a day to day basis.

There are many options for toys that inspire imaginative play. Schleich's animals, for instance, have real-life expressions that lend themselves to a rich, fantastical narrative built on animals children recognize from the park, or the movie or books. Blocks are great for imaginative play because children can work together to create (and destroy) towers and structures. They can imagine architectural shapes and bring them to life.

Active toys like the Bilibo encourage children to take a completely unfamiliar shape and determine a multitude of uses, both physical and functional. It is inspiring to watch as they discover and invent possibilities and begin to develop a language for explaining their own rules and methods of play.

In the Press

Kid O has been a prominent figure in popular children and lifestyle magazines such as Cookie Magazine, Martha Stewart Living Magazine, and Child Magazine, among others.åÊ Since Kid O is based in New York, its local coverage such as Time Out Kids and Best of New York MagazinesåÊgives it an advantage of nation-wide visibility via a wider channel distribution.åÊåÊ

Click below to download samples of press articles featuring Kid O's innovative, educational, and fun toys!

Cookie Magazine - January 2009

Martha Stewart Living - December 2007

Best of New York Magazine - March 2007

Child Magazine - November 2006

Time Out Kids - Summer 2005

Dedicated to enriching the play and learning exprerience of children, supporting their journey towards becoming life-long learners and confident adults.åÊ