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JJ Cole Grips Stroller Bag Attachment in Graphite


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The JJ Cole collection is the most stylish one you can find anywhere!

The grips stroller attachments are the perfect solution for attaching your diaper bag to a stroller! 


  • Color coordinates with your stroller
  • Grip material to hold bag in place
  • Metal latch for holding bags

Product Instructions (see additional image for illustrated version)

  1. Hold bag to stroller at desired height to determine placement of shoulder straps
  2. With straps disconnected from bag, wrap loop around stroller at height determined in step 1.  Thread clip through strap loop
  3. Pull tightly to secure.  After child is placed in stroller, clip straps to D-rings on sides of bag.  Leave straps on stroller when not in use, if desired.

Note: Stroller attachments are designed to fit securely in place to prevent bag from slipping.  To reposition, disconnect bag and repeat steps


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