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Hape Discovery Maze and Activity Box

Product Details

Hape Toys forms the future for kid's play!

Discovery Box is packed full of engaging activities to stimulate cognitive, visual and tactical senses On top of the box is a basic two-wire bead activity with a variety of 12 bright wood beads.
One of the four sides has an abacus with four rows of colored beads to encourage counting and matching.
Some silly eyes are part of an engaging fine-motor activity meant to amuse. Just turn the knob on the fish face and watch the eyes roll! 
  • Birch Russian Plywood construction
  • German silk print ink
  • Four sides of colorful activity and fun
  • Top bead play activity
  • Enhances motor skills
  • Safety tested
  • Dimensions: 13.07"H x 7"D x 7"W
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Suitable for ages 2 and up
An Awarded Brand
Hape products including its sub-brands, Educo are recipients of various awards including the iParenting Media Award for at least 4 items, Spiel Gut, and more, from various European publications and media.
Attributing to the brand's function and safety, giving kids educational and safe products, making sure every cycle in their production includes a physical safety test.
Social Responsibility
Hape is a company that is recognized for its environment and social responsibility. Recently, Peter Handstein President of Hape was recognized by a business committee with an award for being one of the ten Most Socially Responsible Entrepreneurs in the Beilun Region.

As the only foreigner to receive the award, Peter is quite proud that the Committee chose to recognize his commitment to helping the community.Peter believes it is important to help improve the lives of those in need.
He knows, from Chinese culture, the philosophy of yin and yang, which suggests that everything you give will be returned. This helps keep society in balance.
With the ecological production plats contributed to the protection of a clean environment, Hape Toys also realizes the professional training and improvement of the economic situations for small and medium entrepreneurial enterprises, supporting gifted children and awards scholarships.
Hape has proudly built two schools - Maria Hope in 2003, its second class in 2008 - in Guizhou, China, committing itself to forming kid's future and beyond.
This responsibility has and always been taken seriously with the highest level of safety and quality. Because Hape believes that whatever you do to the earth, you also do to your children.


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