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Halo SnoozyPod Vibrating Bedtime Soother

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The HALO SnoozyPod™ vibrating, all-in-one bedtime soother is the first device to combine soothing sounds and an amber glow night light with gentle vibration to lull infants and toddlers to their best sleep. Designed to fit most cribs, toddler and twin beds, the SnoozyPod’s calming vibration, comforting sounds and amber glow night light create the perfect environment to help your child fall and stay asleep.

  • Gentle vibration radiates throughout the mattress to calm babies & toddlers to their best sleep.
  • Soft, amber glow night light provides just enough light to see without causing wakefulness.
  • Calming white noise & nature sounds block out household activity to help baby sleep.
  • Bluetooth® enabled.
  • Designed to fit under your child’s crib, toddler or twin mattress.
  • Helps make transitions easy, to the crib and beyond.
  • Easy to install.
  • Just lift the mattress, slide SnoozyPod through crib rails at a 90-degree angle, then lay SnoozyPod flat and run power cord under the bed. An AC adaptor allows for continuous use, with back up battery option convenient for traveling.

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