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Guum Mini Crib in Bamboo

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MINIGUUM is a minicrib that can be transformed into a play-pen or a table by use of the COVERGUUM lids. It is made with a further use in mind than the crib, so that you can enjoy it throughout your life.


The design is modern, but maintains warmth through hand-manufacturing and with its oval shape, which better surrounds the baby.


It has a system of wheels and rubber studs that allow it to be moved around the entire house. The studs keep the crib horizontal so that it is unable to be toppled over, for safety reasons. On top of this, it is possible to adjust the minicrib to be tilted in one direction or the other to aid newborns with colic or colds. The interior dimensions of the MINIGUUM minicrib are 53 cm x 73 cm (20.9 in x 28.7 in), making it one of the most spacious on the market. At the same time, its width allows it to pass through the doors of the home.


The bar system allows you to be in constant contact with the baby because from all angles you will have maximum visibility, just like the baby, who will be able to begin exploring the world from the first day.


  • Old Bamboo
  • Handmade in Europe
  • Converts to Toy Box or Table with purchase of cover
  • Hidden wheel makes crib easy to move around the home
  • Includes OEKO-TEK certified mattress
  • Made from real BambooåÊ
  • Canadian CertificationåÊ


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