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DaVinci Twilight 6" Polyester Baby Crib Mattress

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This lightweight mattress is firm and flat with a triple laminated cover and cloth binding. It's non-allergenic and sturdy for perfect safety and serene comfort.
  • High density composition mattress
  • Soft resinated polyester fiber fill batting
  • Firm single piece composition, flat even surface.
  • Reinforced Triple Laminated Wet-Proof Cover
  • Meets Federal Flammability Standard CFR-1633 (Met by Antimony formulated into vinyl surface)
  • Ultra-fresh additive formulated into vinyl for anti-bacteria surface (no other additives needed, vinyl is water repellent by nature); Fabric made of vinyl surface with double polyester backing; cloth binding
  • Hand Sewn and Made with Care in the United States
  • No adhesives in our crib mattresses
  • Non-allergenic construction

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