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Belle Baby Carrier in Cappuccino

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Smooth and creamy. . .

Part of our Classic line, the Cappuccino is made from strong upholstery grade microsuede fabric in light brown, accented with a black breathable mesh panel. The inside liner is a dark brown teddy bear fur.

Great for moms or dads!

The buckles on the Cappuccino carrier are the same as those used on high-end outdoor backpacks, and the waistbelt rings are durable stainless steel. Waistbelt, shoulder straps and seat are lightly padded.


  • Includes a detachable head support panel made of the same black breathable mesh and brown inside liner.
  • 100% polyester fabrics
  • Machine or hand wash and line dry.
  • Made in the USA

The Benefits of Babywearing

The experts agree! Wearing your baby enhances your baby‰۪s development and sense of well-being and makes your parenting experience so much more enjoyable and stress free. Studies have shown that babies who are worn by their mothers and fathers become more attached, and as a result they cry less and learn more.

The Ergonomics of the Belle Baby Carrier

Many baby carriers on the market put unnecessary strain on the parent‰۪s back, causing back pain and causing many parents to wear their babies less. The Belle was designed with an independent waistbelt and cross-over shoulder straps. This design transfers the weight off the shoulders and onto the hips, using the same principles as high-quality outdoor backpacks designed to carry a large amount of weight. As a result, the Belle Baby Carrier is being called one of the most comfortable carriers on the market today.

Unfounded Fear of Spinal Damage from Upright Baby Carriers

Occasionally, parents who want to carry their children in upright baby carriers are warned that certain carriers may cause spinal damage. However, the only scientific studies conducted on this issue show that the fear of spinal damage from upright carriers is unfounded.

Baby Carrier Ergonomics and Hip Dysplasia

Babies need to be screened at regular intervals during the first year of life for hip instability. When such instability is found, the baby is treated in various ways depending on the level of instability and the development of the child. Some baby carrier companies promote their carriers as a way to prevent hip dysplasia. As a result, some parents might fear that other carriers increase the risk of hip dysplasia. However, there is no evidence that any particular style of carrier on the market today increases or decreases the risk of hip dysplasia. Moreover, there is some risk that treating your baby carrier as a prophylactic against hip dysplasia can result in your child failing to be properly diagnosed and treated.