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Beaba BabyCook Rice Cooker in Plum

Product Details
The Beaba BabyCook rice cooker is for preparing baby's startchy foods like pasta, semolina, lentils, and many more!  Fast cooking and no need for supervision!
  • Steam passing opening
  • Central compartment
  • Handles for removing basket - use a BabyCook spatula!
  • Easy care - just wash with warm soapy water!
  • Also dishwasher safe!
How to Operate
  • Pour water into the steam heating compartment using the measuring bowl of the Babycook (level 3).
  • Pour water and starchy foods into the central compartment without exceeding the “Max” mark, then mix.
  • Place the rice-cooker in the Babycook bowl, making sure that the basket tab lines up with the large pouring spout of the bowl, lock the cover tightly onto the bowl, then lock the whole unit onto the pedestal.
  • Plug the device into the mains and turn the button to the left towards the steam symbol.
  • At the end of cooking cycle, unlock the lid of the bowl by  turning  its  knob.  Lift  out  the  basket  using  the  spatula  and  put  the contents into a dish.
  • Before cooking, rinse the rice carefully.
  • For optimal use please refer to the Babycook user manual.

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