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Bamboobino No-Scratch Mittens

Product Details

Soft infant mittens keep your little one scratch-free! With no pesticides, dyes or scratchy tags, these super-comfy infant mittens keep baby's hands warm and helps protect baby from his/her own fingernail scratches.


  • Made of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton
  • Made in Canada
The bamboo viscose fiber in all Bamboobino products are Oeko-Tex 100 certified, and is made from OCIA & USDA-certified organically grown bamboo. The organic cotton in Bamboobino products is also OCIA-certified. All of their products are made in Vancouver, or sourced through local companies, and we use local suppliers whenever possible. Bamboobino embraces triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) practices and knows there is always room for improvement.


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