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Baby Bjorn We Baby Carrier in Black Cotton Mix

Product Details

3 Ways and 3 Years of Carrying
With comfortable, supportive inward-facing positions for newbornsand larger children, as well as back carrying, Baby Carrier We isspecially designed for children up to three years old.

Ergonomic Carrying for You and Your Child
Baby Carrier We offers comfy carrying with a pressure-relievingwaist belt and padded shoulder straps to help evenly distributebaby‰۪s weight. It provides the right support for your child‰۪shead, back and hips.

Easy Wherever You Are
Baby Carrier We is easy to use, unaided in all situations, evenwhen positioning your child on your back. Safely place your childon your back in a few simple, easy steps anytime, anywhere.

Easy to put on and take off
Like all our baby carriers, the Baby Carrier We is designed for you to use unaided in all positions. Even on your back.

Front part opens up
The front part of the baby carrier opens up to enable you to lift your child out quickly and easily. This is particularly useful when your baby has fallen asleep in the baby carrier.

Perfect fit straight away
The baby carrier can be easily adjusted for the perfect fit when you and your partner want to share the load! The safety click will show you that you have fastened the buckles correctly.

  • Easy back carrying
  • All-important head support
  • Ergonomic design for your and your child
  • Three front and back carrying positions
  • Perfect for newborns
  • Convenient baby carrier that can be rolled up and placed in your diaper bag or under the stroller when not in use.
  • Designed for you to use unaided in all positions. Even on your back
  • From newborn to three years.
  • Min. 8 lbs/21 inMax. 33 lbs/39 in

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