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Aerosleep Sleep Safe Mattress Protector

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The AeroSleep mattress protector gives your baby a safe sleep while also protecting the mattress. Your baby will lie on a layer of air that will allow it to continue breathing, even after rolling over onto its tummy.

How does the mattress protector work exactly?
The AeroSleep mattress protector has a 3D structure, an absorbent layer and a waterproof layer. The 3D structure provides the necessary ventilation. The absorbent layer retains as much moisture as possible and the waterproof layer prevents any moisture from penetrating the mattress.

This one-piece mattress protector is fully machine-washable at 60C so you can be certain that your child will always sleep on a clean mattress protector.



  • The unique 3D honeycomb structure ensures a layer of air that allows your baby to continue breathing at all times.
  • A baby is unable to regulate its body temperature optimally, so the layer of air cools the baby down during hot spells. In colder weather the layer has an insulating effect.


  • The mattress protector forms a natural shield against bacteria and allergens without any chemical treatment.
  • Any moisture coming from nappy leaks or vomit will penetrate the absorbent layer immediately. The waterproof layer retains the moisture to ensure the mattress itself remains clean.
  • This will keep the baby dry, even after an accident.


  • Fully machine-washable at 60C. Any bacteria and other bed bugs will die as soon as they reach 57C so your baby will sleep on a clean mattress protector time and again.