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7 AM Enfant Pookie Poncho Cover in Metallic Charcoal

Product Details

The versatile Pookie Poncho can be used in three different ways: as a baby carrier, stroller and car-seat cover. Two interchangeable hoods allow you to easily convert the Pookie Poncho from a carrier cover for use on the stroller or car-seat. When used on a baby carrier, the smaller hood attaches with snaps to the back of the cover to protect infants facing inward or outward. The larger hood zips onto the Pookie Poncho, adding additional protection of your little one‰۪s face while in a stroller or car-seat.


  • Pookie Poncho One Size Metallic Gray (Silver)
  • Main cover blanket
  • Snapped small hood for baby carrier use
  • Zippered Large Hood for stroller and car-seat use
  • Dual hood attachments allow for maximum protection of your little one
  • Roomy pouch for baby‰۪s body and legs
  • Zippered openings for child‰۪s and parent‰۪s hands
  • Anti-pilling micro-fleece lining
  • Water repellent outer-shell
  • Ultra-soft premium poly insulation
  • Machine washable


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