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Preparing Your Home for Baby

Design Tips for Nurseries & Beyond

Preparing for your baby (especially your first baby) is an exciting time and many moms just can’t wait to get started. Looking around your home, once you get a sense of how much will be changing, you may start to feel overwhelmed. Take a deep breath – we’re here to help every step of the way.

At Lusso Baby, we’ve got everything you need to get ready. Whether you take the reins yourself or take advantage of our thoughtful Baby Concierge Service, the staff members at Lusso Baby will listen to your needs, answer questions, and make suggestions.

We know you want a nurturing, healthy, enriching environment to give your baby the best start possible. You want the furniture, bedding, clothing, gear, and essentials that fit with your personal style, all while taking the best care of your baby. We hear you and we’re ready to help.

Start with the guide below for a step-by-step overview of what you’ll need. If you’re in BC’s Lower Mainland, visit us in person on Marine Drive in North Vancouver. We’re also pleased to assist online customers over the phone.

Step 1: Choose a Nursery Theme

A nursery theme gives the space a cohesive look and a charming appeal. You’ll be spending a lot of time in the nursery, so choose a theme you like and enjoy. Is imagery important to you? Is a gender-neutral room a priority? Answer these questions upfront to ensure that the bedding, accessories, and baby toys you select will all work together, creating a room you’ll be delighted with.

Some of the more popular nursery themes are:

  • Animals / Pets / Safari / Sea Creatures
  • Lady bugs / Butterflies
  • Sun / Moon / Stars / Planets
  • Cartoon, Nursery Rhyme or Fairytale Characters
  • Flowers / Trees
  • Nautical

Many baby furniture manufacturers offer cribs, dressers, changing tables, and armoires in matching themed collections. Likewise, you’ll find themed baby crib bedding and nursery wall art in collections that make it easy to achieve a successful theme by coordinating your purchases. Other accessories like mobiles, lamps, and area rugs can reinforce your theme without making the room overly busy.

Step 2: Choose a Colour

Many new parents choose to paint the walls of their baby’s room. If you’ll want to take this step, it’s important to paint before you move in any furniture or accessories. Pick a colour that will work well with the theme you have chosen. Even if you’re painting well in advance of baby’s arrival, you’ll want to choose paint with safe ingredients, low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). We recommend that you choose a type of paint that is non-toxic with natural pigments like clay. Odorless paints are also another viable option.

Step 3: Choose Your Nursery Furniture

There’s no sense in buying nice new nursery furniture only to find that it won’t fit. Measure the room. Once you know how much space there is to work with, you will be better equipped to decide, in addition to the crib, what other items you will need.

The essential nursery furniture pieces you will need are:

  • Crib
  • Crib mattress
  • Change table
  • Storage such as a dresser, shelving, or an armoire
  • Rocker / Glider

The Crib

A standard crib is approximately 28" wide and 52" long. You’ll find a broad selection of wood finishes. Ideally, you’ll choose a style you love with a finish that compliments your bedding and décor.

Naturally, your first concern is safety. Ask our staff any questions you have about Canadian crib safety standards. Safety standards regulate features like the space between each slat and the use of hidden hardware. All of Lusso Baby’s cribs (and all other products we carry) meet or exceed all Canadian safety standards.

Many parents opt for convertible cribs that grow with your child. Convertible cribs use conversion rails to become toddler beds and then adult twin beds. If you choose a convertible crib, you’ll need to purchase at least one, but probably two, conversion kits. We recommend that you purchase any conversion kits you may need in the future at the same time you purchase your crib. In the event that a manufacturer discontinues your style of crib one day, you’ll already have the toddler bed rails an twin bed rails you need.

The Crib Mattress

Since your baby will be spending a lot of time in the crib, selecting the right crib mattress for is just as important as choosing the right crib. There are two basic types of crib mattresses available, foam and inner spring. If an organic mattress is important to you, you will likely choose a cotton and natural rubber mattress.

A crib mattress should have the following characteristics:

  • be firm - not too soft, not too hard
  • fit snugly against the sides of the crib
  • have some type waterproof cover
  • mattress seams sholid have fabric binding to allow air to escape, relieving pressure and extending the life of the crib mattress
  • include vents which allows the mattress allows to breathe

The Change Table 

A change table is designed both you and baby to be comfortable. The table needs to be the right height to eliminate stooping or crouching into an uncomfortable position. Most change tables have shelving for storage and many double as dressers that can be used, like a convertible crib, to grow with your child over the years. Depending on the size of your baby’s room (do you have room for a both a changing table and a dresser?) and the long term use you want from your furniture, a changing dresser may be the item that determines which furniture collection you choose. Don’t forget to purchase a changing pad if your table or dresser doesn’t already include one.

Dressers & Armoires

If your changing table does not double as a dresser, or if you foresee needing a large amount of storage, you may want to purchase an additional piece of furniture. A dresser or chest of drawers is a great way to store everything from clothing to accessories to toys. An armoire is the ideal place to organize baby’s bedding, toys and other essentials. Both pieces can continue to serve your child’s storage needs for many years.

Rocking Chairs & Gliders

A place to sit comfortably to feed, soothe, or just snuggle your baby is a must for any nursery. Babies like gentle repetitive motion and lots of human contact. To make sure that both you and baby are comfortable, select a rocker or glider with an ottoman, to give you a place to put your feet up. If you’ll want to keep your rocker or glider for many years, possibly moving it to a living room, library, den, or basement, choose carefully to ensure that the chair will still work well in other areas of your home.

Step 4: Baby Furniture for the Other Rooms of Your Home

Once you’ve planned and designed your nursery, the biggest challenge is out of the way. But there’s still a lot more work to do. Take some time to plan ahead and prepare the other rooms in your home for baby. As, as soon as your baby starts to crawl, you will need to install security gates and “childproof” your home.

The Bathroom: Tubs, Toys, and Towels

Plan to use a baby tub. It creates a safe and comfortable bathing environment for your child, while giving you greater control. As your baby grows, bath time can be a wonderful opportunity for bonding, education, and play. Having bath toys that meet these needs is important, but you’ll need storage products as well to keep the bathroom enjoyable for adults too.

Don’t forget to have plenty of towels and washcloths on hand. If you have room, consider putting another hamper in the bathroom just for baby. Separating baby stuff from adult stuff will save you sorting time on laundry day.

The Kitchen: High Chairs, Bibs, and Dishes

You will need a high chair when your baby starts eating solid foods, which is around six months.

When selecting a high chair, keep the following in mind:

  • it sholid have a wide base for stability
  • sholid not be easy to tip over
  • if it has wheels, you sholid be able to lock them; this allows you to keep the high chair stable and in one place when you’re feeding your child
  • belts and straps sholid be strong and washable
  • all mechanisms sholid be easy for you to use, including the high chair tray

Bibs are a must-have accessory too. You’ll find options including terry cloth and fabric, leather, and molded plastic.

Baby dishes come in a variety of materials too, including glass and many types of plastics. If you choose plastic products, look for BPA-free items.

The Living Room / Family Room: Play Yards and Bouncers

Many parents opt for the safety and security of a play yard to give baby freedom to move without the worries of all the trouble busy babies can find: dirty floors, small parts, outlets, corners, and much more. Play yards can be a versatile product you may use around your home and while visiting friends or family. If portability is important to you, look for that feature first. Many kinds of play yards are designed to be multifunctional, so you’ll also find bassinets, changing trays, mobiles and other accessories.

A bouncer is a low-profile seat or rocker that helps baby sleep, relax, or just take in all the sights and sounds of your home. Depending on the brand or the manufacturer, a bouncer can include vibration, movement, sound, and small toys to keep your baby occupied and amused.