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The Children table and chair in one is a great way to teach your children independence and responsibility while having fun by spending time together. A kid's step stool brings a child to the appropriate height to work at the kitchen counter. Kids love to help with cooking, baking, washing dishes, brushing teeth and washing their hands on their own.
Montessori kitchen step stool which can be easily transformed to table and chair is designed and created for learning, cooking, climbing, sitting next to the large family table and eating or just playing. And what is the most excitatory that this kitchen step stool looks like a toy and it can become as a friend for your child
The step stool is designed based on the basic principle of Montessori pedagogy for developing a child’s independence and involvement in everyday tasks.

Kitchen step stool will become not just a friend for your child but will be as a family member who is always ready to help the little ones reach unreachable places and achieve new goals.


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