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Medela 150ml Breastmilk Bottle - 3 Pack
item number: 382080 | phone code: 078F-1AA0 | SKU: 26220 by Medela
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Details & Specs
Medela 150ml Breastmilk Bottle - 3 Pack


A revolutionary new feeding system

With Calma, a baby can finally apply the same feeding behaviour learned at the breast, when consuming expressed human milk. This allows for seamless transition between breast and Calma, eliminating nipple confusion.
Calma Solitaire is an alternative to breastfeeding for mothers wishing to feed their babies with breastmilk. Calma enables your baby to retain the learned natural and healthy drinking behaviour therefore you baby "works" to get the milk as they would at the breast. With Calma the baby has to create a vacuum for breastmilk to flow as soon as the baby pauses the flow is stopped this is also the way with breastfeeding. Baby controls the flow of milk and sucks swallows and pauses like they do at the breast. Baby can simply switch from breast to Calma and more importantly back to breast again. One size is sufficient for the entire breastfeeding period just as in nature. Calma Solitaire is easy to assemble and clean and can be used in conjunction with all Medela breastmilk bottles.




  • Allows babies to retain their natural feeding behaviour learned on the
  • Babies can drink, breathe and pause regularly.
  • Enables an easy transition from the breast to the teat and back.
  • One size is sufficient for the entire breastfeeding period, just as in
  • The ideal teat for your baby, we recommend introducing a teat when
    breastfeeding is established
  • This new teat ensures that babies do not have to change their natural
    feeding behaviour. Whether you breastfeed or use Calma - the milk only flows
    when the baby works for it.



* Calma nipple sold separately





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