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Choosing a Car Seat

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Choosing a Car Seat

Lusso Baby Car Seat Buying Guide

The Right Car Seat for Your Family

Choosing the right car seat can be a daunting task for parents who want the safest product that also meets their needs for lifestyle and adaptability. Safety is a priority in all the products we carry at Lusso Baby, but this is especially true where car seats are concerned. We carry a broad selection of car seats to give you the options you want. We also have the knowledgeable staff you need to help you make an informed decision.

Car Seat Design Styles

To purchase a car seat with confidence, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the various design styles on the market today. Each has pros and cons you’ll want to weigh based on your personal usage and preferences.

Infant Car Seats

 Maxi Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat in Phantom Maxi Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat in Phantom

Infant car seats are designed for babies from birth to around 20 pounds. They are designed to keep your baby in the safest rear-facing position at all times. These smaller infant seats are convenient for new parents as they are compatible with many strollers. Infant car seats are also popular for the portability of their lightweight frames.

Convertible Car Seats

 Sunshine Kids Radian Premier Convertible Car Seat in Primrose

Sunshine Kids Radian Premier Convertible Car Seat in Primrose

Choosing a convertible seat works well for parents who need or want their first purchase to last as long as possible. These seats can be budget-friendly in the long run, but also have a smaller carbon footprint in the sense that they adapt instead of needing to be replaced.

You’ll find convertible car seats that start off as a rear-facing design to accommodate babies between 5 and 45 pounds, although exact ranges depend on the make and model of your car seat. A convertible seat then adjusts to a forward-facing design and depending on the model, will carry children between 22 and 65 pounds. Although there is some overlap in the weight ranges for both orientations, experts recommend leaving your child in the rear-facing position as long as possible. Scroll down for more information on rear-facing versus forward-facing seats.

Booster Seats

 Clek OOBR Baby Booster Seat Featuring Paul Frank Faux-Hawk Julius

Clek OOBR Baby Booster Seat Featuring Paul Frank Faux-Hawk Julius

If your child is over 40 pounds and at least four years old, you are ready to switch to a booster seat. If your current car seat does not convert to this stage, you’ll need a booster specifically. Your choices are more straightforward for boosters. All are forward-facing, either high-back or low-back in design. High-back boosters provide extra support and protection for your child’s upper body. You may wish to use a high-back seat for children new to the booster stage, or for smaller children. Low-back boosters, also known as backless booster seats, are the last stage of car seat for a child who does not yet meet the height and weight requirements for using a seatbelt alone. Backless seats are essentially a platform to provide extra height for your child, along with arm rest support.

Rear Facing vs. Forward Facing

In the guide above, and as you browse car seats at Lusso Baby, you’ll read the terms “rear-facing” and “forward-facing” in most product descriptions. The orientation of your car seat – the direction your baby faces when seated – is a prime safety issue you’ll consider not just when purchasing, but also when installing your car seat. Experts recommend that babies should be rear-facing for as long as possible, an assessment based on your child’s weight. You’ll want to switch to a forward-facing position, and then on to a booster seat, only when your child is well within the new weight category. Once you’ve selected and purchased a car seat, read your manual carefully to learn the features and restrictions in full detail. Lusso Baby also hosts regular car seat safety workshops from Kids in the Back to help ensure your car seat is installed correctly.

Car Seat Accessories

To maximize your child’s comfort and to add convenience to your daily travels, you may wish to purchase additional cup holders, pillows, seatbelt straps, and other car seat accessories. Lusso Baby carries seat liners, travel carriers, mirrors and much more to completely outfit your car for your baby.

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