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Bumbo Baby's First Seat in Red
item number: 238090 | phone code: 1B53-134E | SKU: EA301RED by Bumbo

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Details & Specs
Bumbo Baby's First Seat in Red

The Bumbo Baby Sitter is a revolutionary new concept, uniquely designed according to the baby?s posture to seat babies independently in an upright sitting position, from as young as 3 months up to an age of approximately 14 months providing a snug and cozy environment for your baby.

Manufactured to the highest safety standards, it is soft and comfortable for the baby, safe, hygienic and non-toxic, which is why it is endorsed by Pediatric and Orthopedic facilities.


  • Ergonomic and supportive seating for your little one
  • Easy to clean
  • Made for babies that can't sit on their own (3-14 months)
  • Low density foam construction 
  • Safe, hygienic, and non-toxic
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Makes a great Baby Shower gift!

The Bumbo Baby Sitter is versatile and is definitely the extra set of hands you have always been looking for ? the perfect gift for that special occasion!

Awards and Recognition

The Bumbo Baby Seat has won various awards internationally, as well, had been recognized by industry and consumer standard organizations for its quality, safety, and excellence, including the iParenting Media Award, the Chairman's Award for Excellence in 2002,  UK's Best New Product in 2003, and Korea's Top Brand in 2005, among others.



The various recognitions and awards given to the Bumbo Seat proves that it is a favorite among parents and babies around the world, making the Bumbo Seat a "must-have" for every parent!

Safety First!

Bumbo Seat is not to be used on a raised or uneven surface, such as in a car seat, in a bath, or in any place with water.  The product is best used on the floor.  Please do not use unless baby can fully support their head on their own; it is designed so that baby's own body weight helps hold them gently in place.

Depending on the physical development and age of child, some babies will be able to move out of the Bumbo seat, so never leave your child unattended!


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