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OrganicKidz 9oz Stainless Steel Baby Bottle in Blue Dots
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OrganicKidz 9oz Stainless Steel Baby Bottle in Blue Dots Included
OrganicKidz 9oz Stainless Steel Baby Bottle in Blue
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Details & Specs
OrganicKidz 9oz Stainless Steel Baby Bottle in Blue Dots

OrganicKidz gives you the best, safest alternative to plastic and glass baby bottles!

The wonder and magic of childhood is something you’ll find in every organicKidz™ bottle. The Stainless Steel Baby Bottles are a safe and practical alternative to plastic, aluminum and glass drinking containers.  Made with babies and parents in mind, they’re easy to hold, hard to damage and dishwasher safe.

Lid Features:

  • Doubles as a built in 2oz/60mL measuring cup
  • Can be used as a snack cup for little fingers picking up little snacks

NOTE: For a more snug fitting lid, place the lid on its side on a flat surface and press down until you have the desired fit 

Nipple Features:

  • Compatible with most narrow necked nipples
  • Made from silicon

Bottle Features:

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Naturally bacteria resistant
  • BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Lead free
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)

Why Stainless Steel? 

Stainless Steel has always been seen as a versatile and durable material.  It has been used in countless products because of its antibacterial properties, high resistance to corrosion and beacuse it’s an inert metal. 

With the realization that many plastics leach chemicals that are harmful to us and the environment, Stainless Steel is the new Green - 100% recyclable and a safe alternative to glass, plastic and aluminum!

Did You Know?

4oz/120mL and 7oz/200mL bottles are single hulled for quick warming in a bottle warmer, a pan of water heated on the stovetop, or in a container of hot water 

The single hull allows you to feel how much liquid is inside by using the scale on the side of the bottle
9oz/270mL bottles are vacuum insulated to keep liquids hot or cold for up to 6 hours 

Common Sense and Cautions

  1. Hand washing and sterilizing in a counter top steamer will extend the life of designs
  2. Wash all bottle parts in hot, soapy water prior to first use
  3. If sterilizing for your baby, use a steamer only
  4. Remove from steamer by threads, not bottle body so designs remain intact
  5. Always test the temperature of the liquid before giving the bottle to a baby
  6. Do not heat in microwave oven
  7. Use caution when handling hot bottles or serious burns may result.        
  8. Check nipples prior to each use
  9. Discard all nipples that have tears or cracks
  10. As with all baby bottles, do not put baby to bed with bottle
  11. Do not leave premixed formula in any non refrigerated container for more than 1 hour or it may spoil

OrganicKidz has been well supported, both by families and media alike, which is why it is a receipient of various awards from different bodies, including the iParenting Media Award, the JPMA Innovation Award, Eco Baby Green Award, and the Mom's Best Award, among many others!

 EcoBabyWorlds organicKidzMomsBest Seal organicKidzhigh res seal - no yearhotseal impa organicKidzJPMA 09 innov awardsribbon organicKidz 

Raves, Reviews, and Features

"... makes me wish I had known about them when my kids were younger!!  And the designs are awesome, so much better than plastic – in all ways." – Tammi R.

"LOVE the bottle it really is a GREAT product.   The girls have used glass bottles since birth but these stainless steel have been a saving grace now they are toddling." - Sue

"Thank you for your great idea!  I have been looking for 'you' for 2 years!" -Dawn

In addition to the awards, OrganicKidz Products have received favorable reviews from various experts (the moms), as evidenced by the multiple weblogs that mentions the bottle's  "must-have" feature.

sante International   International

OrganicKidz had also been featured in international magazines for its distinct and attention-capturing look and features, proving that OrganicKidz has dominated world-wide moms!

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